Advantages of a Vehicle Protection Plan

You are legally required to have collision insurance. Yet, did you know that less than 10 percent of all collision insurance policyholders actually use their insurance plan?
A Vehicle Protection Plan (often incorrectly referred to as an “Extended Auto Warranty”) is the second part of the equation to having full protection on your vehicle.

Vehicle Protection Plan pays for your repairs when you would otherwise have to!

auto protection warranty quoteOver 80 percent of our policyholders end up using a Vehicle Protection Plan and get their claims paid.  A Vehicle Protection Plan generally covers the same if not more than an Extended Auto Warranty.

It is usually always  offered through a 3rd party administrator, that is in turn insured by an insurance coverage business via a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP). This CLIP shields  clients in the extremely unlikely event that the 3rd party manager would certainly go out of business or stop paying cases, the insurance provider business would promptly appointed to the case and almost always will pay the cases.

Just how is a Car Defense Plan (Auto protection plan) BETTER compared to a Prolonged or extended  Guarantee?
An Extended Auto Guarantee can simply be provided by a manufacturer and also most of the times has many limitations, limits, and normally only covers the powertrain of the automobile. We have seen numerous extended auto warranties that are not guaranteed, so if a manufacturer is offered or goes out of business, cases could or will  not get paid!

Exactly what are the advantages of a Vehicle Protection Plan?

Automobile Protection Plans do not position a restriction on where you could use your plan. Extensive Auto Warranties can generally only be utilized at the car dealership where the automobile was purchased.

What will a Vehicle Protection Plan set you back?

Some car maker guarantees are “compensation plans” where you need to pay for the repair service first, then hang around to be reimbursed. Our strategies all pay over the phone straight with a business charge card– so all you have to pay is your deductible (as well as we also offer deductible strategies depending on your needs).

We personalize the auto protection for you

Unlike an extensive service warranty, every one of our strategies could be personalized to any type of automobile, year, make, or design– whether you have 10 miles on your odometer completely as much as 200,000 miles. Several service warranties are either funded right into the price of your loan and also bill you passion, or you are needed to pay completely at the time you purchase the warranty.

All our Vehicle Protection Plans are supplied with no-fee payment plans from 6 to 24 months– allowing the strategies to suit within any budget plan.

All of our defense plans could be made use of at:.

(such as in the recent instance of SAAB, where hundreds of consumers’ guarantees became useless due to their personal bankruptcy).