Red Auto Dealer Connect Program

Our newest dealer connect program allows you to:ripoff report verified warranty quote

  • Restore thousands of dollars in lost revenue and potential loss revenues.
  • Efficiently maintain and monetize your existing customers with our easy dealer connect portal.
  • Red Auto Protection is one of the largest auto retailers of vehicle service contracts in the United States.

Red Auto Protection  not only offers innovative  vehicle protection plans, we are one of the highest rated vehicle service contract retailers and administrators in the United States. We are proud to introduce our new dealer connect program to agents and dealerships throughout the United States

Our dealer connect program serves as a no-cost marketing tool that drives customers back to your dealership for new car appointments, oil changes and maintenance, and other services.

It also connects you with existing customers and it allows you to recapture business and revenue that otherwise would be lost.The best part of this entire program is that it’s free.

As a dealer connect partner you can easily upload existing customers and track the progress of their campaign in real time using our dealer connect portal.

dealer connect

We understand how valuable your time is, loading the customers and tracking the customers just takes seconds, giving you the time to focus on your business while our staff of highly trained professionals will call on our your behalf to set up sales and service appointments to customers that are outside of factory warranty but still might want to keep the vehicle. We also offer  used car buyers that declined an extended service contract at the dealership, an another opportunity  for coverage. We will offer another opportunity to be covered if the client accepts the coverage and a commission. Unlike other programs our dealer connect program is completely transparent and easy-to-use allowing you to  view and track the campaign progress and your commissions in real time and without delay. Red Auto Protection and its partners have invested a lot money, years of  research,  into developing a superior product that is easy to use.

We have invested a lot of money and years of research developing technology that transcends into the best statistics and with the transparency to assure your confidence. More importantly it is easy to learn and use for managers, agents, and dealerships.

This program is a win win situation for all the customers , administrators, agents, and the dealership.




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