Why do I need a Vehicle Protection Plan?

ase warranty quote
ASE warranty quote

You are legally required to have collision insurance. Yet, did you know that less than 10 percent of all collision insurance policyholders actually use their insurance plan?
A Vehicle Protection Plan (often incorrectly referred to as an “Extended Auto Warranty”) is the second part of the equation to having full protection on your vehicle.

A Vehicle Protection Plan pays for your repairs when you would otherwise have to!

80-percentOver 80 percent of our policyholders end up using a Vehicle Protection Plan and get their claims paid.


Car Makers recognize that after their service warranties end, many of the repairs we cover ended up being needed.

You do not have to hang around to obtain reimbursed. As long as your car dealership approves a bank card over the phone, they ought to approve our policy!

A breakdown occurs when you least anticipate it, and also is usually a quite demanding and also expensive experience.
Our plans are developed to prevent this headache from taking place. While we can not prevent a breakdown, we can transform a malfunction from a bad dream right into an easy encounter.
Each one of our plans cover various components, as well as could be personalized to your vehicle, your driving behaviors, as well as your budget plan.

It is essential that you protect your automobile as soon as your vehicle warranty ends. Your vehicle manufacturer’ service warranty generally expire at 36,000, 48,000, or 60,000 miles.

When you have a vehicle failure or car breakdown, each one of our plans provide emergency roadside support, towing, and rental car compensation. Our roadside support solution will pick you up, tow you right into the repair shop of your choice, and put you in a rental auto! Our own manager provides FIRST DAY rental automobile reimbursement– meanings whether your repair work takes 5 days or 5 minutes, you can acquire a rental auto promptly! Most importantly, you pay nothing for this solution, as it is included in your security strategy.
ASE-Certified– Unlike manufacturer service warranties, you can take your vehicle into ANY car dealership or repair work facility in the United States or Canada (as long as they are ASE certified). While your auto is being repaired, our exceptional customer support team is able to keep you updated on the status of your claim and also aid you with any kind of concerns you might have– consisting of handling repair service facilities.
As soon as the repair is finished, you pay absolutely nothing besides your deductible! All our administrators pay over the phone straight with a charge card, so

Average Repair Costs

Repair services are extremely costly, and also the expenses keep increasing each year. A brand-new engine costs around $7,394, a brand-new transmission prices $3,911, & the Onboard Computer is $871. Those are just the major repair services! Small maintenance and repairs vary from $800 to $1,500. Effort rates more than $120 each hr!

All of our plans are fully insured by “A” rated insurance service providers, that maintain a minimum of an “A-” rating with the AM best index. Our administrators have paid over $1 billion bucks in claims.

warranty quote rating
warranty quote rating

It’s important to optin a auto protection plan  before your warranty wears out or expires.  If you hold of too long, there is a high percentage chance it will be too late. 

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