Yelp Reviews for Warranty Quote

warranty quote yelp reviews
warranty quote yelp reviews

We do not advertise with YELP because our reviews speak for themselves and quite simply because the owners feel it is a conflict of interest when they give unfair advantages to a business’ that do advertise.

Therefore it is biased.  Never the less we realize people do use yelp so we lay all our cards on the table.

Below we list all the reviews that have been posted and you can verify on Yelp,



First to ReviewThis company is outstanding and a pleasure to work with. Very professional, no hard selling, just good value. Its funny within 60 days of purchasing our warranty extension we actually had to use it. It literally saved us $5434 in auto repairs. Major Kudos to Warranty Quote
Jack M.
Albuquerque, NM
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1 review1/19/2015
I purchased a policy for my 2010 Ford Focus from Red Auto Protection/ back in November of 2014, I was never a believer in protecting my car from unexpected breakdowns. Simply put, the common consensus is it is a waste of money. Well I’m here to tell you it is not, this policy saved my life just about 2 months after purchasing it when the transmission on my car failed. We would have paid about $4,000 out of pocket for the repair and while it was in the shop they found several other issues totaling about $6,500. Transmission alone was more than I paid for policy and they even accept payments, which if you don’t already know the mechanics shop will never do, pay in full or you car stays til you do! Red Auto Protection paid the repair shop, the tow bill and provided me with a rental car for the 2 weeks it took to repair. The process was easier than making a claim on your collission or homeowners insurance, we simply paid our $100 deductible and drove away. Lesson learned, protection is never a waste of money and watch who gives you advice!
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Steve M.
Newport Coast, CA
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14 reviews

I had the pleasure of actually going to the car dealership while it was out of warranty because of check engine light: I got a $3000 estimate and laughed; I had a red auto protection warranty card through warranty quote or warranty:cool: I am so happy I paid only $100.  I would most definitely recommend this.

Trevor S.
Irvine, CA
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6 reviewsJason Towe J.
Newport Coast, CA
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22 reviews

12/15/2014 Updated review
Warranty Quote is a five star company and their service is awesome.  They took care of my claim with no questions or hard time.  I highly recommend this company.

12/4/2014 Previous review
I too have had the pleasure of using warranty quote. I was excited to find out that they were a… Read more

warranty quote yelp reviews

Joan G.
Newport Coast, CA
1 friend
11 reviews

Well I just need to tell anyone looking at this, these guys are great !  Customer service is amazing . Also, I had my policy 2 months and I own a porche, and the service bill would have been $7653, however I only paid $100 deductible.

Very much recommend

Cg G.
Newport Coast, CA
118 friends
27 reviews

Well this company is as good as it gets when it comes to extended auto warranty companies.  I was hesitant about buying such a warranty until I recently had to use it.  I got a policy from Warranty Quote just 32 days ago for my lexus and lone and behold, my transmission light comes on.  I thought oh crap here goes $5,000.  I called the number on the back of my card and my involvement with my newly replaced transmission was over.  $100 dollars later I am driving with a brand new transmission.
It should be noted that prior to purchasing companies I investigated with the BBB and found Warranty Quote , which is really a division of Red Auto Protection, was one of two companies with a “A” rating.



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